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I had an uncle

and he was delightfully saucy

Billy Eats Your Jeses.
13 October 1989
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This one time, I didn't eat any tomatoes. That's funny 'cos I usually eat LOTS of tomatoes, and my grandmother was all, "HOW DARE YOU EAT MY FIVE TOMATOES!", but I DIDN'T, but she thought I did, and in the end it turned out she put them in the freezer instead of the fridge, which is why she couldn't find them. True story.
, ...potato?, acting in they-a-tar, amazing people, american beauty, and pants!, androgynous girls, ani fucking difranco, anime, anything gutsy, anything very imaginative, anything weird, arm warmers, auslan, being in love, being kissed really hotly, being so happy, boys kissing each other, cellists, cibo matto, dance dance revolution, daria, deep bright beautiful eyes, disliking structured environments, donnie darko, douglas adams, drawing, drawing pretty girls, dyed hair, dykes, dykey haircuts, exploring people's minds, eyeliner, family guy, fantasizing, feelin' stuff, fluttery feelings inyer stomach, fucking girls on trains, fullmetal alchemist, futurama, ghost world, girls in ties, girls in uniform, girlsexin', gorillaz, grrr, gutsiness, gutsy music, hairdye, harry potter, having my mind explored, hentai, hitler is kinda hot, hot little tartan skirts, intense conversations, invader zim, jack white, jelly joy! yum yum!, jigsaw puzzles, johnny depp, katamari damacy, kissing, kittens, licking sensitive areas, little baby rats, making out, manga, mean girls, meg white, meow meow meow, mewt, mindless self indulgence, musikal they-a-tar, my lip piercing, my rat mico-mico, noi the albino, not-hating-bisexuals-i-mean-cmon-guys-whatever, only-kissing-people-i-reeeeeally-like, passion, penguins are cuuute, people with amazing lips, playing violin, powerpuffs saving the day, public transport, rain on corrugated iron, random acts of kindness, reading well-written stuff, real conversations, real-life romance, rock and/or roll, rocky horror picture show, rubik's cubes, secretly masturbating in public, sex, sexy librarian girls, short pleated school skirts, singing, smokey the neighbourhood cat, space ghost:coast to coast, stanley knife snap-off blades, surprises, talented drawers, the breeders, the dresden dolls, the germans, the pixies, the white stripes, the yeah yeah yeahs, thick red delicious blood, thora birch, those crazy japs, tim curry, tintin, tomatoes, tongues licking tongues, too much drama, transexuals, trying to juggle, violinists, vivaldi, walking, warm wet kisses, watching people draw stuff, weird music, winnie the pooh books, wit, world's end girlfriend, ♀♀